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Posted by ChokiChocat - 1 month ago

still nothing


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It’s okay,take your time.

Hey, I just wanted to echo Mchectorll with the take your time, but maybe offer a few tip/tricks.
1. I am a stranger on the internet, please only take from my advice what you find useful. You have a good style, I am just gonna reccomend posting stratagem.
2. The post a day strat: pick a theme that works with the season and your style, so since in the northern hemisphere it is summer and you like to draw people in sexy out fits, maybe do a swimsuit a day thing in July or August. If you take this advice it can help with tip 3.
3. Cliffhangers, or leave them wanting more. You do alot very solid one and done pieces, but doing series or simple narratives that release over time. @rtil is very good at this, and it could help you fsrungee people come back to follow up.
4. Consistent titles: You post some really interesting wip stuff that shows your process, and I am a big fan of that sort of thing, but titling a (wip) "title" will let people know it not a full work, and that you regular ly post wip. Dating your work in the title also gives a sense of a consistent work flow and gets people's attention. If you where making a series titling then consistently will help people track that as well, and it helps to leave links in the artists description to the previous work.
5. Consistent theme: looking through your portfolio you put out very solid cheesecake and lewder material, which is great. One thing to help get your brand going in that space is to have a OC that is recognizablde to be you mascot. Some people use OCs or lewd versions of a single character or multiple characters from a brand. If you do your own OC try to make the name or spelling of the name unique so you can tag it, and people making fan work can tag it.
6. Post schedule.
Posting your work at about the same time will help people looking through art portal at about that time become familiar with your work. Because of the NSFW nature of your style I reccomend 9pm Eastern Standard Time as that is 8pm cst 7 pm mst and 6pm PST as most of newgrounds audience is winding down/in leisure time at home. Also having certain days that you post certain styles of things can be helpful so like work in progress Wednesdays or topless Tuesdays depending on what you would want to do with that kind of thing.

Again I want to say that what you're making is good work and nice art and I just hope that this advice might help.